Raw Tuscan Kale Salad

Today’s Blog Post is brought to you by my dear friend Brittani.

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She found this great recipe for a Raw Tuscan Kale Salad online from 101cookbooks, but made the recipe much easier to follow while changing it up a bit.   She made it for a group of us this past weekend and it was a definite hit.

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Raw Tuscan Kale Salad

1 bunch Tuscan kale (for example black or lacinato—I couldn’t find either of these at our grocery store so I used a combination of red kale and regular kale…organic if you can)

2 thin slices country bread, or two handfuls good, homemade coarse breadcrumbs

½ garlic clove (I like to use 1 whole clove)

¼ teaspoon kosher salt, plus a pinch

¼ cup (or small handful) grated pecorino cheese, plus additional for garnish (parmesan works too)

3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, plus additional for garnish

Freshly squeezed juice of one lemon (I used 2 lemons for a larger salad)

1/8 teaspoon red pepper flakes (I used more)

Freshly ground black pepper to taste

How To

Kale – remove the thick stems from the kale and wash well—a salad spinner works excellent. Either cut or rip the kale into bite-size pieces and put in a big bowl.

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Breadcrumbs – if you don’t already have homemade breadcrumbs (who really does?), then lightly butter two slices of “country bread”. I used a fresh ciabatta. Put the bread in the oven on 400 for approximately six minutes on each side—or until the bread is hard and crispy, but not burnt. Let the toast cool then pull it into smaller pieces to put inside a food processor, blender, Ninja, etc. Pulse the toast until you have coarse breadcrumbs.

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Dressing – finely chop the garlic and then use the back of the knife to mash it into a pasty consistency, while adding a little salt (the salt will help break down the garlic). Mix the garlic/salt paste in a small bowl with the olive oil, cheese, lemon juice, red pepper flakes, and freshly ground black pepper.

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Put it all together – pour the dressing over the kale and using a tongs mix it well, really working the dressing into the coarse kale. Let the salad sit on the kale for about five minutes to let the flavors settle and the kale soften. Top with the breadcrumbs, and garnish with extra cheese and a drizzle of olive oil (optional).

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Enjoy – Get ready for an intense, yet light and fresh flavor that will have you craving it until the next time you make it!

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 Thanks for sharing Brittani!photo 1 (1)

Wishing you some Salad Inspiration!

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My Friday Five

It’s Friday, which means the weekend is almost here!  This weekend includes spending time with old friends which is always the best.  Of course we still have a list of work to get done on Sunday but it will be nice to break away from work and home a bit.

Today I want to share 5 random items I am loving now.

Succulents - I do not have a green thumb even though I buy a ton of plants and flowers.  So far my succulents seem to be easy to take care of while bringing some life into the home.  Don’t mind the coffee table arrangement, it needs a tray and some work. :)

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Trader Joe’s Grower’s Reserve Wine with Organically Grown Grapes – I will do a review of the collection someday, but right now I am trying out all the reds.  There really isn’t a bad one in the bunch and the most expensive bottle is the Pinot Noir at $6.99, not to mention it’s organic grapes.

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Elements Of Style By Erin Gates – It’s hard to believe that I love design and home décor books, I know, but this one is really good with great tips.  She is so realistic and really tells you how renovating/designing is; I was laughing out loud.  I can relate to so many things she said as her and her husband went through a major home renovation themselves which plays out in this book.

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Buddha’s –  They bring a sense of serene and calmness to me and I love that. My life is very chaotic and busy and I want my home to feel otherwise.  I hope to have a few more Buddhas around.  I did hear it’s bad luck to buy your own Buddha.  I think it might be real, as the one Buddha I bought arrived broken. :)

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Copper-  While I still am figuring out the perfect look to my kitchen, I love the way a few of my new copper pieces are looking.  It gives the kitchen some more character as well as differentiates from the stainless.  I am a fan of mixing metals.

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photo 2(4)Wishing you a wonderful weekend! :)

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Our biggest thing left in our renovation is the master bathroom.  We will be coming up on 1 year  living in our condo (crazy), and we decided we are going to bite the bullet and renovate the bathroom soon.  A big push is that we bought our bathroom vanity this summer while on sale and could only delay shipment for 3 months.  So we are about to have a large vanity sitting in our bedroom, and since we have a cork underlay under our flooring which gives cushion, it also gives dents especially with something that heavy.  A good reason to move the master bathroom along.

photo 1(5)We have been looking around at bathrooms and ideas all summer, and although I pretty much knew what I wanted, I could go a few different directions so it’s always good to look at options. :)

photo 4

photo 3(1)

photo 1(3)

photo 4(8)

photo 5(1)

photo 3(2)Even if a bathroom isn’t exactly your style, you can always get ideas from pattern, colors, tile, layout, not to mention what you don’t like.  This will help narrow your options down when going through any renovation big or not.

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photo 2(1)

While I won’t tell you what route we are going yet, and since everything always takes time it will be a bit.  However, we are gearing up for renovation mode again.

photo 2Wishing you some bathroom inspiration, even if it’s just a new place to put your towel rack. :)

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Steals & Deals

Happy Monday everyone!  It is a gloomy day in Chicago, but you know I like it.  The perfect day to snuggle on the couch and read magazines, watch your favorite shows, cook if you like to cook, and better yet online shop!  With it being Columbus day there are a bunch of sales out there.  So even if you are at work today, like me, you can still take a minute to shop right?

Here are my home decor picks since I won’t allow myself to shop anything that’s not for the house right now. :)

Wisteria –  20% off site wide with code SETSALE

I have been eying these bad boys, how beautiful are they??  They are $199.00 each, which is not bad for good artwork.  These would be so pretty in a living room, above a bar, in an office.

Lamps (and rugs) are the death of me, I still have no light in my house due to the lack of lamps.   We live by a lot of candlelight. :)  However, I did bite the bullet and order this beauty last month.   It still has not arrived…but hopefully soon!   While still expensive at $299.00, the 20% off might entice you.  Even if this is not your cup of tea, check out their other lamps.

 Lulu & Georgia is celebrating their birthday, so their coupon codes last until October 17th!

Use code BIRTHDAY15 for 15% off $100+   ~  BIRTHDAY20 for 20% off $250+  ~   BIRTHDAY25 for 25% off $500+

This place is known for their rugs and lamps, but check out all of their cute decor items too.

Mirabelle Rug, Gray and TealAudrey Lamp, Buttercup

Fun little matches for gift giving – $10  Make a Wish Matches

One Kings Lane  –    They have some crazy impressive Columbus Day Sales going on.

Headboards starting at $199.    This one shown is $240-$320 depending on size.  Hands down, best deal I saw today.

Tallman Arched Headboard, Gray

Cable Wool Cashmere Blankets & Pillows  64-70% off

Mini Cable Wool Cashmere Throw, Fawn

 Annawithlove Shop –    Fine Art Photography 25% off with code GIVETHANKS

Think Pink


Oui Madame

Pottery  Barn - FREE Shipping on almost everything today,  this is pretty good considering their shipping charges are crazy usually.  USE Code- FREESHIP

Best deal on the site that I saw at quick glance was this wrapping paper hutch.   It’s on sale for $159.99 – regular price is $399.  Plus the surcharge of $75 is waived today.   Anyone in need?? :)

West Elm - Free Shipping with Code – DISCOVER

CrateandBarrel – Free Shipping on orders $49+


Get your shopping on as most codes are only good through the end of today!

Happy Shopping! :)

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Blush & Burgundy

Blush & Burgundy
I don’t have a favorite color, I like lots of colors, however, right now I am crushing on blush & burgundy.  They look so good together don’t you think?   Listed above are some fun girly items that won’t break the bank.  Everything is under $100!   Enjoy!
Wishing you a little shopping inspiration!
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