At Home: Where Are We Now

Well, I have not done anything on our home renovation lately so here it is.  We have not really done anything major since our bathroom hence the no renovation posts, but our condo still looks slightly different each week.  Something little is always being added or changed whether it’s home decor or getting more pressure out of a faucet.

While the major parts of the renovation are done, we still want to:

  • replace all the doors
  • design the master closets
  • replace/move/put in more light fixtures
  • do something with the entryway
  • do our dining area when we find/build a table
  • decorate

Here is what it looks like so far.  It has come along way!  If you just started following, look at the Project Gallery to see where we started.

photo 3(12)photo 4(9)photo 1(13)

photo 1(12)photo 2(15)photo 3(11)photo 1(11)photo 1(14)photo 2(17)photo 4(10)photo 3(13)photo 2(16)photo 4(8)photo 5(5)photo 3(10)photo 2(14)It will be awhile yet to get our place completely done to how we want, but at least the major construction is done!  If you have any questions on something you see, as to where to get, etc. let me know, I will gladly share!


The Allis in Chicago

Well it’s a snowy Monday here in Chicago and I’m probably the only one out there that doesn’t mind it again.  Yes, I would rather be on a tropical vacation right now since I had Spring Fever too, but it’s March – snow was bound to come again.  I swear I would be a little upset if it snows in May though.  :)

Yesterday Mark & I bummed around the city for most of the day.  Our first stop was breakfast at The Allis in the Soho House.

photo 2(8)I could go here everyday.  It’s such a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere.  There is no rush.  Although the food is good, it’s more about the experience.  It’s a laid-back, casual, but elegant social setting in which you can meet up with friends for drinks & small plates, have a meeting, read a book, you get the picture.

We talk and drink coffee for as long as we want in their big cushy velvet chairs.  We debated on staying for lunch yesterday since we were there when the menu switched over, but we were full from breakfast.

photo 1(6)photo 5(5)photo 3(5)photo 2(9)Look at this gorgeous brass elevator with the flooring & walls!  It’s probably my favorite view in the whole place; Stuff like this makes my heart smile.  I know my picture is crooked, but I try to take my pictures as quick and discrete as possible and this is what happens.  If you think I go to restaurants and take pictures the whole time, wrong, I’m enjoying 58 out of 60 minutes without a phone.  The one or two.. minutes are really quick snapshots and the phone goes down. not so great pics.  :)

photo 4(4)I still managed to snap one of Mark quick

photo 3(4)and he took one of me.  Evil eyes and all.  :)

photo 1(7)I definitely recommend going to The Allis if you ever have the chance.  I would say our favorite two places for breakfast would be The Allis or RL.  We still need to check out a lot more though.  If you live in Chicago, let me know your favorite breakfast place!

Make it a great week!

xx, Riane

Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim is popping up everywhere.  Trend or not, I have always liked this style.  I have two jean shirts in my closet and somehow I am always eying up more, but they get their use!  Would you rock this style??

I even mismatched my denim last Spring and will be doing it again..

photo 3(1)

Trends or Not, Wear Whatever You Feel Great In!
xx, Riane

My Five

5 Beauty Items that are part of my weekly routine right now:

photo 1(4) 1)  DeVita Protective Moisturizer & MIneral Sunscreen  SPF 30+

photo 1(5)

This is by far my favorite sunscreen I have ever tried for my face.  It is a moisturizer and sunscreen in one and doesn’t clog my pores.  I put this on first and then my makeup over it.  I love their tinted moisturizer even better, but it is only a SPF 15 (I prefer 30).  With being outside more, I put the 30 on first and then the 15 over it for some color if I am skipping my foundation stick.  You won’t smell like sunscreen either.   I need to start putting it on my hands too to keep them from aging as fast.   Coola PIna Colada Spray is still my favorite for my body when I’m beaching it up.

2)  Rosewater & Glycerin

photo 4(3)

After washing my face, I just spray some of this on and let it sit before applying the rest of my skin care.  I love the way it feels, so sometimes I find myself just spraying it on any time of day.  It gives you a refreshing feeling.  Plus, I love the light rose scent.

3) Kahina Rosemary Lavender Argan Soap

photo 3(3)

This bar a soap leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized.  Yes, at $18 for a bar a soap it should, and it does.  Use a soap saver under your bars of soap or cut the soap in half to get your soap to last forever.

4)  Skinnamon

photo 2 (3)

I have used a lot of scrubs in my life, and I am sure I will use many more.  What can I say, I love skin care!  However, when Skinnamon sent me a sample of this to try for work, I loved it after the first use.  It really does make your skin feel SOO smooth.  It exfoliates, hydrates, nourishes, moisturizes and really does give you renewed and glowing skin if you use it right.  Use it in your shower before you shower,  just dampen your hand and rub it on your body leaving it sit for 5 minutes before rinsing it off.    There are 3 different kinds of skinnamon scrub; right now I am using the green tea.

5)  Bright Endeavors Soaking Salt

photo 2(7)

I was given some of this soaking salt as a gift for my birthday this year and have been using it in each bath since.  I like the lavender milk the best, but they have other scents as well.  Forget about the salts though, what I like most about it is that with each purchase you are giving back.  They sell candles and bath products.

“Bright Endeavors is a non-profit social enterprise of New Moms Inc, that instills confidence, professionalism and responsibility into adolescent mothers. We provide intensive training: a pathway out of poverty for young mothers in Chicago as they transition into quality, permanent employment. Participants gain job skills as they produce premium soy candles and bath products.”

photo 2(6)Wishing you a Beautiful Day!

xx, Riane


Weekend Snapshots

Hello Monday!   I hope you all had a great weekend & enjoyed some fresh air outside.  It’s been so nice out lately!

This past weekend we went to Milwaukee to spend time with friends.  Saturday night we ate at ARDENT, a small, quaint place (right up my alley).   It is a pricey restaurant, as they are all small plates and you need to order the whole menu twice to be full, but it’s well worth it.  The chef is up for a James Beard award and it’s probably the least “stuffy” place with a menu like theirs.  They are so laid-back, in fact- at 11:30pm on Friday and Saturday nights, the place turns into Red Light Ramen.  The staff changes their clothes, puts away anything nice and they open it up to the college kids for $10 Ramen.  Of course we stayed to experience it.  So fun!

photo 3(1)photo 2(2)

This, no joke, is a place to put your cell phone.  It's a hand knit cloth and underneath it is a raw slab of wood.  So yes, fancy food with the most laid back atmosphere.

This, no joke, is a place to put your cell phone. It’s a hand knit cloth and underneath it is a raw slab of wood.  I think they called it the cell phone pillow.  So yes, fancy food with the most laid back atmosphere.

Had to stay for the Red Light Ramen.

Had to stay for the Red Light Ramen

And Sunday morning…. no sleeping in.  Time for Auntie Riri to get up. :)

Both "kids" wanted early walks.  :)

Both “kids” wanted early walks.

I loved it though.  I got to spend the day with my godson.  We jammed out together in plaid shirts in front of a coffee shop.

photo 4(2)photo 3(2)photo 1(3)photo 2(5)A great weekend in my book, I hope you all enjoyed the weekend too!  Make it a great week!

xx, Riane