June 1st Condo Renovation Update

Happy June 1st everyone!   I told you even though blog posts will be few and far between, I would still update you with our condo renovation until it’s a little more finished.  So here it is!

We really have not done much at all, we tweak things here and there but for the most part we are working, playing, celebrating, and relaxing.  :)

photo 2 (13)photo 3 (14)

Mark spray painted the inside of our fireplace black.

photo 4 (4)

photo 1 (9)photo 2 (11)photo 3 (12)

photo 5 (3)

Next time I’ll light the fireplace for the picture. These are just quick snaps. :)

We took the Sputnik out of the kitchen even though it looked great.  If you remember though we originally bought it for above our dining table. We don’t have a dining table yet, but hopefully in the next few months.  In the mean time, we needed to figure out new kitchen lighting.  We really could not find anything we loved, so we just put up a simple inexpensive track that works for the space.  The kitchen feels bigger and highlights our shelving more.

photo 1 (10)

photo 2 (12)

photo 3 (13)

This looks like we have fluorescent light bulbs, but it’s just the picture, it’s much warmer light than this.

We also added a piece of stainless behind the stove to tie in both sides of our kitchen better.

photo 1 (11)

We are loving our house more every week and it is starting to feel like home.

photo 4 (5)

Wishing you a great month!   Happy June Everyone!

photo 4 (6)

xx, Riane

Finding Balance

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  I hope your week started off on a good note.  I went to the dentist yesterday and only had one cavity which I already knew of, but other than that I was good.  Score!  So I treated myself and picked up two donuts on the way back (one for me, one for Mark).  I also treated Mark to my new dental floss.  :) An electric toothbrush and mouthwash are the only things somewhat saving me;  why can’t I like to floss.

Anyway, my topic today…Finding Balance.  My posts have been scarce lately and that’s not on accident or because I was way too busy to post this time.  I just realized I have so much going on, all good too, but I got to the point if I wasn’t working on my business, this blog, or something with our condo during any downtime I felt guilty.  I set out to do my business, this blog, and our home renovation since they are all things I wanted and made me happy, but I never want to feel guilty when I am not “working” on one of them.  I realized something had to give and I knew it was the blog.  I did fewer posts to see if I would miss doing it and it may sound horrible but I don’t.  I am relieved I made a conscious decision to cut back on it.

The word workaholic is a blurry word for me since I own a small business so obviously I have to work hard at it for it to stay successful and I do, but I never aspire to be a workaholic.  I LOVE what I do and my hard work pays off, but I also love my days off and free time to enjoy life even more.  I only go into work around 40 hours a week, but I am still working from home with emails, out networking, doing retail orders, and everything else that comes along with owning my business outside of those hours.  I can handle all of that fairly well, but then I added on this blog as a creative outlet and the more I did it, the more I wanted it to be a successful blog.   The time it takes to dedicate to a blog is mind blowing and when I wouldn’t do a post it weighed heavy on me since I felt guilty not doing one.  I don’t want to feel guilty about not working on something when I’m out enjoying life!

The hardest part for me is not blogging for you dedicated readers out there.  This super tiny blog averaged 2300 views each month over the past 5 months.  In the blog world I don’t even make it on the map, but to me that’s a lot of people to be speaking out to.   I am thankful for every single one of you that has listened to me ramble on this last year and a half.   I am not ending the blog all-together, I will still leave it up and post here and there but posts will be few and far between.  I will still try and show you updates of our condo as we slowly make more changes.

I hope you take away this:  Life is way too short and you can’t take it for granted.  You need to LIVE in this lifetime and be present in the moment as hard as it may be.  It is important to have balance in your life and I know it’s easier said than done.   My husband works in the car business besides us owning Glamour Girl and finishing up our condo, so we will always have to work hard and sometimes more than we wish to, but when we are able to step away and enjoy life we should make the best of that time.  After all, we only have one shot at this.

xx, Riane

Bentley is ready for this blog post to get rapped up so mom can take him on a walk and pay attention to him.  :)


Tea at The Peninsula Chicago

This weekend I had a whirlwind of fun.   If you follow me on Instagram @glamourgirlchicago or Facebook -The Glamour Girl Home, you saw I had a lot packed into one weekend and an overload of good food and drinks.  One thing was a first for me this weekend though – Traditional Afternoon Tea.  My girlfriend treated me to this late birthday gift and it was so much fun!   She chose Tea at The Lobby in The Peninsula Chicago and I highly recommend you go if you ever have the chance.  It’s something fun to do with your girlfriends for a special occasion.  If anyone says you’ll go hungry, there is no chance at The Peninsula.  We were overstuffed and couldn’t finish everything.  Plus, they were more than happy to give us extra of anything.

photo 1(8)photo 1(10)photo 4(5)photo 2(10)photo 3(6)photo 5(6)photo 2(11)photo 3(7)As for the tea, we had the Oolong Orchid and the Peninsula Chai, but there are so many to choose from.  Once you put in the milk and honey, I’m pretty sure they all taste good. :)

Enjoy your week!

xx Riane

Party Ready

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  We celebrated Easter at our place this weekend with friends.  Even though it was a laid back day with close friends, I always try and make everything a little special when I have the time.

To get “party ready” I buy fresh flowers, have the music going, candles lit, table set, drinks ready to go, appetizers out, and above all I clean the house.

photo 4(11)

Sugar Rimmed Glasses

photo 2(2)

Beer Flights for the Boys

photo 1(1)

Snacks Ready To Go

photo 1(16)When you go a little out of your way to do these things, it shows you are excited for your friends/family to come over.  I guarantee they’ll be a little excited when they walk through that door.   No lagging here, an instant party will happen.  :)

photo 1(15)

I used a scarf out of my closet for our tablecloth. :)

photo 2(18)

I used our china to “fancy” up the table.  If you have it, use it!

photo 4(12)

We were lucky with weather and were able to open up the balcony.

photo 3(16)

Bentley enjoyed the outdoor appetizers too.

photo 1(17)Above all, we had fun!

photo 2(20)Our Easter Crew    (with the exception of two more that joined at the end of our day for drinks)


This is an old picture from a past Easter…we did’nt get a picture of all of us yesterday.

I can thank my mother for my party ready ways.  I grew up in a house that had a party for everything!  My parents still have way more parties than us!  :)

Wishing you inspiration for YOUR next party!

xx, Riane

Vignette’s in our Home

Vignette is the perfect word to describe small areas of décor.

photo 3 (11)

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Meaning of Vignette in terms of décor:

photo 5 (1)
I love designing little vignette’s in my home.  Each shopping trip, I usually always find something to add to my decorative stash.  I always try and start with a Home Goods trip, since I know if I luck out there it’s a GREAT deal.
photo 2 (7)
My last trip I found the above Himalayan Salt Tealight Holder.  I’ve picked up a similar item many times elsewhere but always figured I could find it cheaper.  When I saw it at Home Goods for $6.99, I knew it was mine.  There is something about lucking out with an item at Home Goods.  It’s like you were the person at the right day, time, second, to find it; I feel like I win a small lottery when I find something.
photo 3 (9)
photo 3 (10)
photo 2 (8)

photo 1 (7)

photo 1 (6)

photo 1 (8)

photo 2 (10)

Wishing you a little décor inspiration!

xx, Riane