One King’s Lane

Have you shopped One King’s Lane?  If not, you must check it out.  It’s a site that sells everything from a pencil to a vintage Chanel.  There might be one of something or there might be more, however, the supply is not endless, which means more unique or one-of-a-kind items for you and your home.   Score!  Did I mention, it’s all at a discount price?

Here is just a sample of fun items they have.   Click on the picture for pricing :)


Cute Sun-glass Case

Beautiful copper bowls – I would put these in a kitchen to hold fruit/veggies, utensils, and cloth napkins, but you could use these in the bathroom to hold rolled up wash clothes or pretty soaps too.

Asst. of 2 Hammered Bowls, Copper

Look at this gorgeous box.  I would put it on my bedside table to hold jewelry or it would be a pretty statement on your desk holding pens, pencils, and odds & ends.

Medium Yellow Box w/ Amethyst

Such a pretty vase that is as beautiful as it is functional.

9" Trochus Shell Vase

A cute clutch/makeup-holder/versatile little zippered bag.  There was only one left when I looked, so grab it now if you want it!

MN Wanderlust Bag, Black Ikat

They have an array of beautiful pillows and some at really reasonable prices.

S/2 Sibine 22x22 Cotton Pillows, OrangeThey have many lamps that they sell in sets of 2.  These gold vases would be fun paired with those orange pillows above.

Brent Table Lamp Set, GoldAn array of different artwork.  Rugs and Artwork are hard for me to pick out, my walls and floors may be vacant for a while. :)

Jen Ament, Bird in HairThis table is a good deal as it is very versatile.  You could get two and use as bedside tables or use as a side table by a couch or in a bathroom for towels, perfumes, candles, and all your essentials.

Stripes are not my thing, but I had to share this for those of you who are.  This is such a cool bed frame and would make a big statement in a bedroom.   I would have fun decorating a room around this fun bed.

Hedren Headboard, Black/WhiteHappy Shopping!

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The Pom-Pom Craze

The Pom-Pom Craze
Pom-poms are everywhere these days and I am loving it.   Pom-pom slippers, pillows, blankets, shoes, clutches, handbags, key chains, bedding, jewelry, you name it there is probably a version with a pom-pom on it.  I know it’s not for everyone, so if you get a gift with a pom-pom on it, you know where to send it to. :)
Are you feeling the pom-pom craze?
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My Five

Today I want to share 5 items that I have been using in my “beauty” routine lately.

1) Solar Body Moisturizer from DeVita – Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30+

This Devita Sunscreen along with their travel size protective moisturizer SPF 30+ has been in my daily routine ever since I got it in at Glamour Girl.   It is mineral sunscreen, safe for sensitive skin, doesn’t make me breakout, and I even have Mark using it everyday.  It doesn’t smell like sunscreen and is super moisturizing.  This item is not leaving my routine any time soon, if ever.

photo 2(5)2)   I always thought every Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil was nearly the same, until I tried this Viva Labs Coconut Oil.  It adds a great flavor when used in cooking and I love shaving with it.  I will still buy the Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil as I go through Coconut fairly quickly and this is more expensive, but this is so good and easier to get your hand into as opposed to the more narrow glass bottle from Trader’s.  It is supposed to be the #1 Coconut Oil for freshness and purity and although I have only tried a few brands, I think it lives up to it!


photo 1(5)3)   Coconut body butter-  It is whipped coconut goodness;  dessert for your body.  Right now I am using this as it reminds me of summer vacation.  Don’t come near me in the summer if you don’t like the smell of coconut. :)


photo 5(2)4) Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk

I just recently got this and have only used it handful of times, but it does seem to be very moisturizing for my hair.  My hair tends to be on the coarser side since it is thick and curly, and this seems to soften my hair.  I use it right after I get out of the shower.  As far as preventing frizz….I still have frizz, but it might work better for others.

photo 4(4)5)  Eco-Tools Makeup Brushes

These are my favorite makeup brushes.  That’s all.  :)    “They have incredibly soft bristles, sleek bamboo handles, recycled aluminum ferrules, and are 100% cruelty free.”

photo 3(5)Wishing you a little beauty inspiration!  :)

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My Weekend Snapshots

Happy Monday everyone; I hope you all had a great weekend!

It was raining babies by me this weekend. :)  My godson turned one on Saturday and my girlfriend threw the cutest party for him.  I figured I would share some of the party pics for anyone who has kids or for any adult that wants a carnival theme party. :)

photo 2(5)photo 3(3)photo 1(1)photo 4(3)photo 5(3)photo 3(4)photo 2(6)Yes, there was good food and adult beverages, but it was a kid’s party.  Of course I forgot to take pictures of the mini water-park.  There was a mini water-park with a baby pool, baby slide, mini water adventure thing, a water table where the kids had water toys, etc. It was a big hit with the kids as that’s where they all were.

The star of the show was perfectly content wherever he was taken (or stolen) :)

photo 1(6)photo 4(4)

photo 3(5)

photo 2(7)Overall it was the perfect kid’s birthday party, and the adults still joined in on the fun.

photo 1(1)We headed back to Chicago from Milwaukee and enjoyed the rest of the night on our porch with friends and more babies.  One furry :)

photo 2(6)photo 4(9)photo 5(4)I hope you all have a great week!

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Short Shorts & Big Bangles

The cutest shorts arrived at Glamour Girl a few weeks ago and I just had to have them.  I paired them with my go to jean shirt, some flips, bangles, and a summer clutch. photo 2(1) photo 2(2)

photo 1(2)photo 4photo 5photo 3(1)

photo 1(1)


Shorts- Glamour Girl Airbrush Tan (still in stock)

Shirt – The Limited (sold out, but click for a similar look)

Havaianas Flip Flops – Glamour Girl Airbrush Tan

Bangles – $1 Sale at Akira Last Year (Yes, Score) – Click here for something similar

Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

Clutch – Vintage (my grandma’s)

Wishing you a little fashion inspiration!

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