Halloween Party

Halloween Party
Happy Halloween!!  I will be honest, I am not big into Halloween, but if it’s an excuse to have a fun dinner party count me in!  Anyone’s home resemble this tonight?  Invite me over, I’ll put on a costume. :)
Wishing you a Happy Halloween Weekend :)
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Our Renovation One Year In

Good morning/afternoon everyone!  On Monday, I shared a glimpse of our year in renovation, and said I would share some after pictures today.  My little brother let me know I shouldn’t let people hanging for two days to see the after, so I apologize for those anxiously awaiting. lol   For those that have been following along throughout (thank you!),  you have already seen many after pictures as rooms are renovated.  However, I do have some new pictures for you as well. :)

Our half bathroom photo 1(5)photo 1(6)Our Kitchen

photo 3photo 1(1)

photo 2(2)photo 1(4)Our Living Space

photo 2(2)photo 4photo 3(1)photo 5photo 4(2)Our Balcony

photo 2(5)photo 1(3)Our Bedroom – which will be completely revamped in this next year :)

photo(6)photo 5(3)The hallway of doors – 2 walk-in closets, 1 master bathroom, 1 linen closet, 1 laundry – which will all be shared at a later date. :)

photo 1We are by no means done, but you can see we have come a long way this past year!

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A Glimpse At Our Renovation This Past Year

We have officially been living in our home one year as of this past weekend.  So crazy how time flies when you are having fun. :)  Not quite.  I can’t say a renovation is fun, however, we would not have it any other way.  Our home will truly feel like us when it is finished and that is a great feeling.  We have a mental checklist in life, and this was one of the big ones to cross off our list.  It is totally worth all the stress and craziness as it keeps unfolding into a finished product.  Although it’s not complete, we are through the worst of it.   Yes, we still have a master bathroom to get through as well as a long list of smaller things, but there is nothing like eating out of a cooler on the balcony when it is below 0.  :)

Take a quick glimpse at what our renovation looked like this past year.

20131022_12520920131022_12475620131124_07561220131128_14060720131203_12471820131218_10231620140105_10164720140105_10513720131128_10450720131128_10454220131128_14145220131130_14475620131203_15550520131203_15241420131207_17591920131217_12045020131213_20460820131217_18215920140105_17235420140104_12432720140101_105949Living amongst boxes, dust, everything tore up, no kitchen appliances for a LONG time, coldest winter……  I wonder why renovations don’t appeal to most people. :)

Thanks for following along!  Some after pictures to come on Wednesday. :)

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My Friday Finds

Happy Friday everyone!  :) Today I am sharing five random finds that are on sale right now and all under $50.  The holidays are coming up, and I think some of these would make perfect gifts.

1) Hidden Animals Teacups – How cute are these!!??  You can pick from an owl, fox, and bear.  Still a little pricey at $18 each, reg. $24 but how fun having people over and then an animal appearing in their drink. :) 2)  Plated Glass Gold Votives  –  These are hand-cut, gold plated glasses that are perfectly sized for tealights.   Perfect above a mantel, on a dinner table or a coffee table to get your house gleaming for the holidays.  On sale at $29.99 for a set of 4, reg. $58.00 3)  Monogrammable Matchbox Sleeve –   Store your matches in this sleek match box and you won’t have to hide your mismatched matches in the drawer anymore.  Perfect little gift with a candle if you ask me. :)    $19 reg $24.50 4)  Set of 3 paz trees  – metallic cone trees made of beaker glass will add a little sparkle to any decor.   On sale for $34.95, reg $43.85 5)  Wide Green Glass Bottle Vase  – Pretty and Simple make this a standout piece.  To top it off, it’s on sale for $9.99, reg $49! Green Glass Bottle Collection, Dark Green Transparent, Wide Bottle

Green Glass Bottle Collection, Dark Green Transparent, Wide BottleHappy Shopping!

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Office Inspiration with IKEA

One of my girlfriends needs help deciding between 3 different IKEA desks/tables for her home office.  The best way to help her decide is by showing pictures of different ways the pieces can be used.   All I did was search the desks on Pinterest, which anyone can do, but sometimes it can be overwhelming when you are in the midst of it so I did it for her.  I am sharing with you readers in hopes that one of you wants to give your office area a face lift. :)   IKEA desks/tables are multipurpose so even if you are not doing your office, you might find use for them elsewhere.

1) The trestle and tabletop desk – This option as a desk can be used in an array of ways and comes in many different options and colors that you can choose from at IKEA.  The trestle and top are sold individually so you can mix it up and get a different top and bottom, you could skip the trestle and put two storage units under the tabletop, you could paint the table top a custom color, wallpaper it, get a piece of cut-glass to put on top, there are a lot of options with this desk.

A home office with TORNLIDEN desk in black, black FABRIKÖR glass cabinet and ROBERGET swivel chair in blueHere are some examples using a trestle desk:

IKEA understands me / simple, white, workspace (via IKEA Magazine)IKEA SPOTTED // VIKA AMON table top in white, VIKA ARTUR trestle with shelf in white, RIBBA picture ledge in white

Pretty Office Space with Ikea Trestles Desk and Gold Room Divider.Benches with A frame legs - it consumes space but also creates boundaries between usersFresh-looking sawhorse table for a clean, non-stuffy, and affordable workspace.

2) The MICKE Desk from Ikea – $69.99 has a few great components – the hole in the right corner of the desk for your cords to go through, as well as two drawers for storage.

MICKE Desk IKEA A long table top makes it easy to create a workspace for two.The MICKE desk also comes with integrated storage.  $79.99

MICKE Desk with integrated storage IKEA It’s easy to keep cords and cables out of sight but close at hand with the cable outlet at the back.The MICKE Drawer Unit – $59.99 is great for added storage on the side or under a desk.  You don’t need to attach those wheels either.

MICKE Drawer unit/drop file storage IKEA Drawer stops prevent the drawers from being pulled out too far.Here are some different ways these are used:

Home office and play area in one — Ikea Micke desks ($69.99), Tobias chairs, and Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal gray walls

Frame your favorite book pages design dump: spotted: ikea desk + bookcase in high end homesStudio Astratta: My Yellow  Grey Workspace Makeover! Micke desk from ikea. Use yellow accessories

3) The KLIMPEN/NIPEN Table  – $139.99 (shown below), the LINNMON/NIPEN, and the HISSMON/NIPEN are all the same table except different sizes and come in an array of color combinations as well.

KLIMPEN/NIPEN Table IKEAHere are some different ways these are used:

IKEA - KLIMPEN/NIPEN, Table with drawers, black/white,

IKEA's LINMON/NIPEN table with add-ons and desk lamps.desk nipenThere is no one option better than the other, it is just personal preference and depends on how you need to use it and how your space is conformed.

Here are more pictures using IKEA products in the office:

Neutral tones - I love the sleek look, but I'd "mess" it all up with color because I can't resist buying office supplies in every color I like!

IKEA Craft Room Ideas | ... Craft Room Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 7. IkeaHome Office23 of our favorite Ikea Hack projects: #DIY Gilded DeskBrilliiant Bri from timmythewienerdog.com has a hack attack a week.  This picture shows two: the turquoise RAST dresser and a MALM desk.My craft USED to look like this!!  I vow to regain control of the clutter!!!Simple Details: ikea lack floating shelf. Floating shelves are cool. Especially at an Ikea price. But I can never figure out the swedish instructions. =(Ikea Vittsjo Hack | feminine glam hollywood regencyWishing you some office inspiration!

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