My Weekend Snapshots

Happy Monday everyone; I hope you all had a great weekend!

It was raining babies by me this weekend. :)  My godson turned one on Saturday and my girlfriend threw the cutest party for him.  I figured I would share some of the party pics for anyone who has kids or for any adult that wants a carnival theme party. :)

photo 2(5)photo 3(3)photo 1(1)photo 4(3)photo 5(3)photo 3(4)photo 2(6)Yes, there was good food and adult beverages, but it was a kid’s party.  Of course I forgot to take pictures of the mini water-park.  There was a mini water-park with a baby pool, baby slide, mini water adventure thing, a water table where the kids had water toys, etc. It was a big hit with the kids as that’s where they all were.

The star of the show was perfectly content wherever he was taken (or stolen) :)

photo 1(6)photo 4(4)

photo 3(5)

photo 2(7)Overall it was the perfect kid’s birthday party, and the adults still joined in on the fun.

photo 1(1)We headed back to Chicago from Milwaukee and enjoyed the rest of the night on our porch with friends and more babies.  One furry :)

photo 2(6)photo 4(9)photo 5(4)I hope you all have a great week!

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Short Shorts & Big Bangles

The cutest shorts arrived at Glamour Girl a few weeks ago and I just had to have them.  I paired them with my go to jean shirt, some flips, bangles, and a summer clutch. photo 2(1) photo 2(2)

photo 1(2)photo 4photo 5photo 3(1)

photo 1(1)


Shorts- Glamour Girl Airbrush Tan (still in stock)

Shirt – The Limited (sold out, but click for a similar look)

Havaianas Flip Flops – Glamour Girl Airbrush Tan

Bangles – $1 Sale at Akira Last Year (Yes, Score) – Click here for something similar

Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

Clutch – Vintage (my grandma’s)

Wishing you a little fashion inspiration!

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Feeling the Denim Blues

Saturday started out as a really rainy day here in Chicago and there was a bit of a chill to the air.  I had a fun girl’s brunch to go to that morning and wasn’t feeling like anything but jeans.  I ended up in head to toe denim mixing up a pair of gray washed jeans and a blue jean shirt.

photo 3(1)photo 2(1)photo 3(2)photo 1(1)Mid-way, we stepped outside for some clearer pictures, sorry for the fuzzy ones above.

photo 2(2)photo 1(2)Bentley needed a walk so he joined too. :)

photo 5(1)..and that’s when the photo-op ended…right away.  Bentley wasn’t having it, he wanted to walk.  No pictures please.

photo 4(1)Shoes- Enzo Angiolini

Jeans – Zara (sold out online/possibly still in stores, see similar)

Shirt – The Limited (sold out, see similar)

Necklace & Earrings- Glamour Girl (sold in boutique)

Nail Polish – Essie: Butler Please & No Place Like Chrome

 Wishing you a little denim inspiration :)

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A 5-Minute Appetizer

Happy Monday everyone!   The weekend came and went too fast as per usual, but hopefully you all had a great weekend.  Friday night I had my colleagues and their significant others over for a casual dinner party.  I didn’t get enough pictures to share the whole dinner, however, I made a quick 5 minute recipe (OK, maybe 7 minutes) that you will want to steal.  :)

Here are your ingredients:

Fresh Basil, Bruschetta Sauce from Trader Joe’s, Lentil’s from Trader’s, and a Baguette

Even if you are not near a Trader Joe’s, you could doctor up something similar.

photo 4(7) photo 3(11) photo 1(9) photo 2(14)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees

photo 3(12)

Slice up the baguette into thin slices and lay on a baking sheet.  Drizzle some olive oil on each piece and throw in the oven for about 5 minutes.  You want the bread to be toasted but not hard.

While the bread is in the oven, put the whole container of bruschetta and half of the container of lentils in a bowl.

photo 5(9)Chop up a handful of fresh basil, throw it in the bowl and stir it all together.

photo 1(12)photo 2(15)

Once your bread is ready, take it out of the oven and spoonful the mixture onto the bread.


It is so easy and so delicious!!  You can always count on me to throw easy items together since I don’t know how to cook, but it still counts!  :)

photo 4(8)I served this along with some cheese and crackers as well as the sweet & spicy pepper recipe as appetizers.  All were a hit!

photo 5(10)photo 3photo 1

But most importantly, we all had a good time.

photo 2photo 4(2)

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A Sputnik Makeover with Spray Paint

I am finally ready to share our Sputnik light today!  On Monday, I showed you different Sputnik designs; today I want to share with you the Sputnik light in our own home!

We did a little makeover to this Sputnik we purchased from Lamps Plus.

Possini Euro Design Opal Glass Pendant Chandelier

I searched for a Sputnik that was similar to the Sputnik below – a beautiful vintage Sputnik – that just happened to be in a high gloss white and stainless steel kitchen.   Although I would love this exact one, that is out of the picture, so the Lamps Plus light it was.

black + stainless steel + kitchen + sputnik light fixtureI purchased the one on Lamps Plus knowing full well it would need a bit of a makeover to give it the look I was going for.   It is hard to replicate an old vintage brass fixture that is perfectly tarnished.  I knew we had to turn to spray paint, but wasn’t sure we could get that particular brass look with spray paint.  I also purchased it not knowing where I would put it, whether it be above our dining table or in the kitchen.  So the project began…….

Our light came in the mail and Mark put it together to make sure we had all the pieces and everything worked.  We also needed to make sure we liked it before the spray paint.  I am not sure they would understand a returned spray-painted light.

photo 2(11)The light went up….

photo 1(11)And yes, although many (the majority probably) of people would have loved it as is and kept it right there, it wasn’t what we wanted.  It looked like a brand new shiny Sputnik, and we wanted a vintage or industrial Sputnik.  Either way Mark couldn’t walk underneath it without hitting the lower bulbs, so it needed some working on anyway. :)

photo 2(13)The light came down…..

The cord as well as the inside of each spoke was taped up.

photo 3(8)The spray paint came out..

I bought Rustoleum in Oil Rubbed Bronze and Flat Black.  I did not buy the metallic gold (which is supposed to give it the brass look more than the actual brass spray paint), since we are still not sure whether to keep it in the kitchen or put it above our future dining table.  I was unsure our spray paint skills with dual colors would turn out.  Hanging it above our dining table would be a little more forgiving, but in a white/stainless kitchen you kind of need to get it right.  So even though we may try it in the future, we need to practice on some smaller objects first.   Plus, once the original Sputnik went up in the kitchen, we thought an industrial look might work better than the vintage look.

photo 4(4)The oil rubbed bronze to the left is a great color and has amazing depth which looks a little more vintage/old/rustic, however, when we took the door handles that we used to test the colors and put it next to the white bulbs in the kitchen, we both decided on the flat black.  It gave it a more industrial look.

photo 5(6)The spraying began…..  All over the bathroom.  Yes, good thing we have not re-gutted that yet as we have now added spray paint essence everywhere to the already beautiful bathroom. :)

photo 1(10)We let it dry for 24 hours before hanging it.  Although spray paint dries super quickly to the touch, we read to let it sit a little more for projects you really care about.  i.e.  this one

The light went up with a shortened height so Mark could walk underneath.

photo 2(12)EEEKKKK!  IS everyone scared for us??!!  You should be.  We are too! :)


Light bulbs went on…

photo 3(9)..and we held our breath….

photo 5(8)photo 3(10)Mid-way through I put a loaf of bread on the counter to make my pictures look better.  Not for you readers, but for me!

photo 5(7)Changed the lighting…

photo 4(5)..and then breathed.  We think it looks pretty good!

photo 3(10)It gives a little more depth to the Sputnik which was our goal.  Although it doesn’t look like the vintage light I love since we took the safe way out and didn’t try the gold with it, I would say it turned out pretty darn good for the first spray-painted item in the house.  I can’t say it is done, as I still might tackle it again if we move it above our future dining area.  In that case it would be hung as a lower chandelier above my dream rustic table and would look pretty darn cool.  However, we will all have to see how the cookie crumbles.  It’s not indecisiveness, it’s called knowing all your options. :)

photo 4(6)Well besides learning I am crazy, which I think you already knew, I hope you learned not to be scared of spray paint.  It can easily change an object’s look with minimal cost.  If you hate it, spray it another color!  My spray painting days are not over, so get ready for some future spray painting posts.  I bet you are excited.

Wishing you some inspiration :)

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