What’s In My Beach Bag?

Happy Friday everyone!   I hope you all had a good week and have a fun or relaxing weekend planned. 

This Sunday we leave for Door County for a week.  (insert jumping funny-looking happy people here) :)   It will be a nice relaxing week off.  I have not really started packing yet, but I did throw some items in my beach bag this morning so I didn’t forget them.  This is the most exciting thing in my world to share this week, so get excited!  :)  j/k  I swear I’ll get some good posts out there in the next few weeks, but you won’t here from me next week for sure.  Follow “the bubble bath effect” on Instagram to see what I am up to on vacation.

For now, take a look at what I threw in my beach bag.  Let me know what I am missing or what item’s you like to bring to the beach!

photo 2(10)photo 1(8)photo 5(4)photo 4(10)In my beach tote:

- a Turkish towel for my beach towel

- water bottle

-the honest co. hand sanitizer  (this has been quite the hand little item lately)

-BB Cream in Medium Tint SPF 15 by DEVITA (perfect for those no makeup days)

-Solar Body Moisurizer, Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 by DEVITA

-Coola original lip balm in SPF 30

- Sunglasses

-Neem Oil by Pratima Skincare  – it’s good for repelling bugs along with a 1000 other things and it smells great


-Lime Green Wrap- can use it as a swim cover-up tied in different ways, can be used as a blanket, it’s an anything I need it to be item that I have had forever

-Book (if you know me my “books” are usually home decor books, but every once in a while I will read a book)  I had an eye on Sophia Amoruso of Nasty Gal before she created #GIRLBOSS.  I couldn’t wait to read it when it came out, so this week will be a second skim over of the book.  I am sure I will learn something new. :) 

-  Magazines,  I have read mine already, but I know my mom has some packed :)

- Food/Drinks – a must have for any beach or pool party – they will get packed as well :) 

What else do you take to the beach?

photo 3(8)


Bentley is beach ready too! Life jacket is packed! :)

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Going Casual with a Python Dress

Do you want to look put together but still be comfortable?  This AStars Python Dress sold at Glamour Girl might be for you.  It is a sweatshirt feeling material that is oh so comfortable.  The pockets add another element of comfort and fun while the print, structure and slits allow you to dress it up if you wish.

photo 2(9)

photo 3(7)

photo 2(7)

photo 1(6)

photo 5(3)

photo 4(7)

photo 4(8)

photo 3(6)Wishing you a little Fashion Inspiration, even if it’s just putting on python sweatpants. :)

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AStars Dress – Glamour Girl Airbrush Tan (will ship)

Bracelet & Rings – Glamour Girl Airbrush Tan

Shoes – Dolce Vita (past season – see similar On SALE!)

What’s In My Bag

I don’t know what it is about looking at “what’s in my bag” posts or in magazines, but I am always drawn to them.  I figured I would share what’s in my bag at the moment.  Although, it doesn’t seem very exciting to me, maybe it is for one person out there.  :)

photo 2 (2)

Lately I have been carrying around a Gap Tote.  Although it gets a little messy since it’s so big, it’s light and easy to carry.

What’s Inside:  Zippy Wallet, keys, 2 pairs of sunglasses, business cards, The Honest Co. hand sanitizer, Sally B’s lip gloss in ruby’s red, Gabriel lipstick in Taupe, Coola Spf 30 liplux, Marine LAFCO hand cream,  calendar, notebook, Kleenex, pen, zippered cosmetic pouch, bobby pins, hair ties, tape measure, fabric samples, paper straw (I carry it with me to remind myself to buy new ones)

Usually I have a few dog treats hanging at the bottom or a little thing of peanut butter for my peekapoo dog Bentley, however, he cleaned me out today.  :)

Wishing you an organized handbag day :)

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Our Condo as of August 1st

Happy August everyone!  Don’t groan, we are still going to have two more months of summer! Stay positive!  It’s probably easier for me to say as I enjoy new months, new days, and seasons changing, but I still want summer to stay around since it was such a late start.  Dear Fall, please don’t come….yet.

We have not done a ton to our condo these past two months, but each week it seems to look a little better.  I am eying up some counter stools, rugs if I can decide, and pillows/decor items that will hopefully come sooner than later to make it feel a little warmer/like home in here.  Some of my delays in purchases are because I wait for them to go on sale.  While my husband isn’t a fan, he would rather just me buy, I know those sales add up.  I will pay full price for everything that I know won’t go on sale and I won’t even think twice about the purchase (well after I decide I really want it).  However, when places like World Market, Crate & Barrel, West Elm, etc. rotate sales, I know it’s just a matter of time before I save some mula on my wanted items.  Even just 15% adds up, so when I splurge on items, I don’t feel guilty at all as I did my best saving in other areas.  :)  Maybe my next post should be about budgeting and finance.  j/k

Anyways, here are lots of quick snapshots of our condo as of now.


The kitchen is still not done.  We need backs splash on the left, a third shelf, and lighting (yes, we will be moving the fixture above our dining area when it’s done).  However, it gets better all the time.   Fresh flowers and plants always help during the transition. :)

photo 1(6)

photo 3(6)photo 4(11)photo 1(6)photo 5(5)photo 2(8)photo 4(12)Mark got our TV mounted – YAY!  Still needs some work below, but it’s up!

photo 5(6)My make-shift, do whatever I need it to do IKEA KALLAX is always changing.  Hey, I don’t have much to decorate or move around, so this is my fix! photo 2(8)photo 1(7)photo 3(8)photo 2(9)photo 4(13)photo 1(8)photo 5(8)

Our dining area/built-in-bench is not done, but at least the sides are done. :)

photo 4(14)photo 2(10)photo 5(7)That’s all folks.  We are by no means close to being done, but each month we make a little more progress.  There is a reason I don’t have any master bedroom suite photos,  it has not changed since the last time you saw it. :)

Have a good weekend everyone! XR


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One King’s Lane

Have you shopped One King’s Lane?  If not, you must check it out.  It’s a site that sells everything from a pencil to a vintage Chanel.  There might be one of something or there might be more, however, the supply is not endless, which means more unique or one-of-a-kind items for you and your home.   Score!  Did I mention, it’s all at a discount price?

Here is just a sample of fun items they have.   Click on the picture for pricing :)


Cute Sun-glass Case

Beautiful copper bowls – I would put these in a kitchen to hold fruit/veggies, utensils, and cloth napkins, but you could use these in the bathroom to hold rolled up wash clothes or pretty soaps too.

Asst. of 2 Hammered Bowls, Copper

Look at this gorgeous box.  I would put it on my bedside table to hold jewelry or it would be a pretty statement on your desk holding pens, pencils, and odds & ends.

Medium Yellow Box w/ Amethyst

Such a pretty vase that is as beautiful as it is functional.

9" Trochus Shell Vase

A cute clutch/makeup-holder/versatile little zippered bag.  There was only one left when I looked, so grab it now if you want it!

MN Wanderlust Bag, Black Ikat

They have an array of beautiful pillows and some at really reasonable prices.

S/2 Sibine 22x22 Cotton Pillows, OrangeThey have many lamps that they sell in sets of 2.  These gold vases would be fun paired with those orange pillows above.

Brent Table Lamp Set, GoldAn array of different artwork.  Rugs and Artwork are hard for me to pick out, my walls and floors may be vacant for a while. :)

Jen Ament, Bird in HairThis table is a good deal as it is very versatile.  You could get two and use as bedside tables or use as a side table by a couch or in a bathroom for towels, perfumes, candles, and all your essentials.

Stripes are not my thing, but I had to share this for those of you who are.  This is such a cool bed frame and would make a big statement in a bedroom.   I would have fun decorating a room around this fun bed.

Hedren Headboard, Black/WhiteHappy Shopping!

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