You know when you wait until the last-minute to buy something and it’s too late?  Well this is what happened to me in the case of the IKEA EXPEDIT.

I knew I wanted one or two before it was being discontinued.  How did I know it was being discontinued?  Unfortunately this girl has a sickness.  I scour the internet constantly so I am always aware of all of my options whether it’s with furniture and home decor or fashion.  Anyhow, you would think the amount of times I went to IKEA I would have grabbed one, but we were always focused on the kitchen.  I knew I needed to go before April hit, but kept putting it off since we eventually would have to go back there for other items.  It was too late by the time I went.  I knew that; I knew better.

Now I am stuck with the option of the Kallax, Expedit’s replacement.  The only difference is the thickness in edges since their whole reason for changing to the Kallax was to use less wood, be more environmentally friendly.  I would be 100% fine with getting the Kallax, except they don’t make it in the high gloss white.  Of all things to get rid of, why the high gloss white IKEA??!!!!   They have the plain white, but it is just not the same.  Ebay has the retired high gloss white EXPEDIT’s selling for up to $300.  I don’t blame these sellers, I should have went and bought a bunch of them and sold them for a high premium too.  Smart people.  This girl almost considered paying that ridiculous price for particle board since it is that good of use for particle board, but I might just have to get the Kallax.

KALLAX Shelving unit IKEA You can use the furniture as a room divider because it looks good from every angle.

Take a look at all the options the Expedit and now Kallax has to offer.

Ikea Expedit as Home Bar-use the 4 not the 8 and add a wine fridge and floating shelves above...and the black/brown color


Ikea Expedit - great as a log store too!


This picture makes me want to go to Ikea, buy an Expedit bookshelf, (pay someone to put it together,) and start organizing the hell out of my house.


expedit room separator


If you’re looking to pad your bookshelves with a certain type/color of book, head to a secondhand store. You can get books for as little as ten cents!Ikea Expedit with door and drawer insets for central storage island

An IKEA bookshelf never looked so good. I like how a minibar is set on the top.

Now do you see why I want one so bad??   This piece can serve as many options.  Pretty sure a Kallax is in my near future unless someone out there wants to give me their Expedit? :)

Even if you don’t care for it, at least I hope you took away one thing – don’t wait until last-minute for something you really want.  It might be too late!

Wishing all of you who Procrastinate less Procrastination! :)




You can blame my mother for my expensive taste.  Well I guess to be fair to her only half of it, the other half I acquired on my own.  We really don’t even have the same tastes, but can appreciate each others style.  However, one store we both go googoo gaga over is Jayson Home.

I have lived in Chicago almost 9 years, but I knew about Jayson Home prior to moving here…courtesy of my mother.  When we would take shopping trips, Jayson Home was one of the places she must stop at.   I loved the store then, I love it now, the only difference is I can afford to buy SOME items now.  The store is still over my price range for the most part, but I always go to find inspiration and pick up a few smaller items that leave a big impact in my home.

This weekend I went to this wonderful haven to browse.


We still need light fixtures all over the house yet, so I paid special attention to what was above me.  photo 3(12)


..AND THEN I FOUND THIS!!   I LOVE IT! I WANT IT! IT WOULD BE SO COOL IN MY KITCHEN!   …and it’s $3550 not including tax.  Yes, not happening.   So now I am stuck with this beautiful light fixture in my head.  This is one example where my inspiration only gets me so far, since I want THIS EXACT ONE. :)  I have yet to see a similar fixture that looks half as cool.   Interior Decorators, Light Fixture Connoisseurs, are you listening??  Can you please find something like this in my budget and contact me?  Please and Thank you.   You never know?!  I won’t hold my breath. :)

photo 4(6)


These pots were calling my name as soon as I walked in the door, but I decided against it as I don’t have places to put them with our house still in construction mode.  However, I think I will go back to get one or two before they are sold out.  If I still think about something after I left the store, it means go back and get it.

photo 2(14)


Look at this display.  They just put a bunch of potted plants inside the basket to make it look like one big plant.

photo 1(14)

That was the extent of my pictures as I was too busy looking at all the beautiful items this trip, but you can shop this gorgeous store online – JAYSON HOME.

Wishing You Inspiration!




Weekend Snapshots

Hello!  I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.  The weather was gorgeous in Chicago and we definitely took advantage of it.

I took the time to stop and smell the roses.

photo 5(4)

On our way back from Sunday church, we saw an open table calling our name outside of Sunny Side Up.  No wait + sunshine = meant to be

My blouse is from www.glamourgirltan.com – in stock now -email for ordering info.

photo 4

photo 2(12)photo 3(10)

Since our child is a furry child, instead of Easter egg hunts, you drive to the best dog park. :)

photo 1(12)

He still prefers to play with dogs of his own shadow

photo 2(13)Or hang out on the bench watching the big dogs play

photo 4(5)Regardless, it was just so nice to be outside and get fresh air.

photo 3(11)photo 5(1)photo 1(13)

Our outside adventures had to come to an end, but we were still able to enjoy fresh air from our porch while working on the house.

Some base boards were painted

photo 1(11)

And even more exciting…… drawer handles were put on the kitchen island!   It is so nice to have handles!  Ikea was sold out of everything we needed this weekend, but at least we have half put on. :)

photoI hope you had a great weekend as well and were able to enjoy some fresh air. 

Have a good week! :)





Where are we at in our Condo Renovation?

You just saw the bathroom photos this week, but I wanted to let you in and see the rest of the condo as of now.  I warned my husband these pictures were going up on the blog, the good news is now he is used to me sharing all this information, as before he would be like  “no, there is no way you can post that” (no laughing involved).   Now, he laughs and says you can’t post that but he knows full well I am about to.   Progress is being made!  :)   I understand it’s embarrassing to share these unfinished and messy pictures, but I said I would take you through the renovation so here we go!

Our half bathroom is well under way.

photo 2(8)

Now when you take one step out of the entry way this is what you will see :)

photo 2(1)

Here is a better picture of this left hand mess.   This is where all the tools, miscellaneous projects are. :)

photo 2(3)

The kitchen is well under way.   We still need back splash, shelving, lighting, hardware, etc though.   To open the drawers you have to start from the bottom and work your way up to get the top drawer open. :)

photo 3(3)

The living room is well…  not done.

photo 3(1)

photo 5(1)

photo 1(3)

photo 4(1)

The bedroom is FAR from done.  It’s painted though!   Sidewalk Gray by Benjamin Moore – it’s a bluish, lavender gray.  The color does not even look like it does in this picture.  Horrible lighting and picture.  I wanted you to get the true bedroom “feel” though – messy bed and all. :)

photo 5

The hallway in our bedroom

photo 5(2)

photo 4

Mark’s closet is getting patched and painted this week

photo 3

The master bathroom is looking better than ever.  Kidding.  This is not even getting touched until the rest of the house is done.

photo 2

Mark’s next plan of attack is the molding in the house.  It will be quite the job, so this might take a while.

photo 1

The city still looks perfect

photo 4(2)

and Bentley is just hanging out on his couch wondering when his next meal is.

photo 3(2)

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A night out in the nieghborhood with Michael Kors, Forever 21, Guess & More

Saturday night we had a birthday party to go to.  It was super convenient as it was right around the corner from where we live.  On our 5 minute way walk there, I had this mini “photo shoot”.



photo(30) photo 2(10) photo(33)photo(34)



photo(25)Skinny Jeans - Forever 21 (past season – see similar)

Heels -  Guess (past season – check out these Guess shoes)

Shirt - Just Me (sold out at Glamour Girl Airbrush Tan)

Clutch – Michael Kors

Watch - Michael Kors

Nail Polish – Fingers: Essie DJ Play that Song,  Toes: Butler Please

Bangles & Earrings - sold at Glamour Girl Airbrush Tan

When I say 5 minute walk, that’s including these pictures.   My other (better) half doesn’t love playing photographer.



Wishing you a little Fashion Inspiration Today!